My Story

I never knew how much this business would change my life!

I found Scentsy at a craft fair in 2007.  As a teacher, I was drawn to the safety of the product.  I was excited to find a air freshening system that was so safe I could use it in my classroom.  Over the next few months, I used and loved my Scentsy warmer. 

When I ran out of wax, I contacted my consultant to host a "basket/sample" party.  In just a few days' time, I had sold over $600 in product!  I was then sold on the business.  This stuff is so good that it sells itself.  I began casually selling Scentsy to my friends and family in order to support my own Scentsy habit.  (I actually just wanted a little extra money to buy shoes.  - Shopping is my TRUE addiction!)  Scentsy brought me a little spending cash until I attended a Scentsy training event.  At this event, I met the leaders of this amazing company.  I "caught" the SCENTSY SPIRIT!  From that point, I have gone full force with my Scentsy career. 

I am proud to say that I was able to "retire" from teaching and focus on my family like I always wanted to.  I now work from my home with Scentsy.  I love doing home parties and having the opportunity to meet new faces.  I enjoy being able to make money with tester parties that require little work on my part.  What I truly love is building my Scentsy team!  I absolutely love doing team training events and other activities with the girls (and boys) of Scentsy.

Another perk of my amazing job is the opportunity to travel and see beautiful places.  Thanks to Scentsy, I have been on two cruises, Disneyworld (with my family of 4), Mexico (5 times now), Las Vegas (twice), Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica, Nassau in the Bahamas, Nashville, and I am currently just earned a FREE trip to our annual Scentsy Family Reunion AKA Convention this summer.

Please contact me if you would like to BUY, HOST, OR JOIN with this amazing company!

Jami 918-557-0969